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Here is the fan page on FB it doesn’t have much b/c I created it yesterday. Ok here’s the link www.facebook.com/search.php#!/pages/Hyperwerewolf1s-Blog-About-Werewolves/203753492987983


I am back…

I’m back, the blog now has a fan page on FB, and it is here to STAY!

How well is my blog?

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Which Team Are You On? Team Hyperwerewolf1 or Team Jacob?

Which team are you on?!?! Mine or Jacob’s? You decide, on second Friday of January 2011, who will be the winning team. Even though I’m gonna be on mine, I’m also gonna be on Jacob’s to be fair and even. So right now it’s 1 – 1. C’mon! Jacob vs. Hyperwerewolf1!

Soon gonna delete this blog.

On New Years Day I might delete this blog b/c too many people are putting these weird comments and mean comments too and iI cant stand the mean ones  if you give me 10 good reasons to keep it up I will and why I cant stand mean comments  its b/c people will take their life b/c some1 is said something mean about them and people are being sexualy abused and just regular abused online through some many different things like blogs, mmo, online chat rooms it just hurts me seeing people taking their life b/c some1 said something so mean to them that is why I want my blog to be a safe enviroment for people who can share their thoughts on werewolves in a kind manner so please stop the torture for me and for all the people who are effected by this ok also why it hurts me its b/c i have been abused when i was younger by my dad he was an alcholic and he smoked so one night he was so drunk and angry he tried to kill my mom i takled him and he threw me at the wall and that is all i remember and i saved my moms life another time he spanked me so many times i think it was over the legal number of times to spank a child thank goodness my mom came in and stopped him and now since my parent got a divorce my sister has really been effect by that she always takes her anger out on me or our mom one time she threw hard stuff at me and another she was beatting me really hard so many time up and down my body so please dont let some else go through being abused.

Names of Werewolves That I Know.



Skin-Walker or Yeenaeldooshi (Navajo werewolf)

Loup Garou, Lugarhoo, or Lagahoo


Pricolici (same in plural)





Varcolac, Vârcolac, or Vircolac


Rougarou (alternately spelled as Roux-Ga-Roux), Rugaroo, or Rugaru

Damarchus or Damarch (A victorious Olympic boxer said to have changed his shape into that of a wolf at the sacrifice of Lycaean Zeus, becoming a man after nine years.)

Beast of Bray Road or the Bray Road Beast

I’m back


Help on Moon Wolf!

People are telling me I need to fix it, but I don’t know how this is my first time making a book so I really need all the help I can get. So please tell me what went wrong and also please tell me how I can fix it.

Please and Thank You,


When I’m going to publish it…

I’m going to publish Moon Wolf on 8/1/2010.

Going to be gone.

I will be gone from the 20th – 26th or 27th but I will be back.